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Thanks to its special properties, steel is present and used in a broad variety of applications, such as: Automotive industry, heavy and light constructions, water conveyance, oil and gas, shipbuilding, agriculture, electrical applications, furniture and so on.

The various types of steel are different from one another due to their chemical compositions, mechanical properties, surface conditions, forms and dimensions, and they can offer countless combinations, each one of them being used in a different application.

By offering more than 11,000 product code numbers, SIDMA meets the needs of over 5,000 customers in Greece and abroad, from its three distribution centers in Attica (Athens and Aspropyrgos) and Thessalonica.

Using its three distribution centers in Aspropyrgos, Inofyta and Oraiokastro, Thessalonica, SIDMA is able to meet the needs of its quite extensive list of customers (approx. 3,000 customers) in all types of steel products. Following are some of our main customer categories.

  • Iron & Construction Material Traders
  • Technical companies
  • Metallic construction companies
  • Shipyards - Machinery Plants
  • Public utility organizations
  • Manufacturers of:
    o Home electric appliances
    o Professional refrigerators
    o Air-conditioning & ventilations pipes
    o Heating boilers & radiators
    o Elevators
    o Vehicle bodywork
    o Greenhouses
    o Boreholes
    o Tanks
    o Metallic shelves
    o Parapets
    o Light poles, Power towers and Mobile phone antennas
    o Suspended ceilings - Drywall systems
    o Machines
    o Metallic furniture
    o Traditional railings
    o Pipes of Scaffolding systems