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SIDMA SA has set as major goals the maximization of customer satisfaction, customer trust towards the Company, as well as the creation of shareholders' value through:

Constant efforts to ensure high quality of products and provision of satisfactory services to customers,
Application of modern methods concerning production, control, management, timely distribution of products, and achievement of minimum cost not only for the Company but also for the customers,
Modernization and improvement of machinery equipment, as well as strengthening the Company’s human resources with a specialized workforce,
Creation of an organizational framework, which stimulates quality improvements at every level,
Constantly improving and intensifying communication/ co-operation skills among the Company’s divisions, including its customers and suppliers,
Provision of information and education to the Company’s personnel in all ranks, concerning their particular objectives, as well as quality assurance issues, health and insurance policies.

The application of the quality assurance system aims at the satisfaction of employees, customers and shareholders. The quality assurance system contributes to SIDMA’s growth course, based on the company’s primary and supporting operations, as well as on structural procedures for constant improvements.