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Pursuant to the provisions of Law 3556/2007 that has been in force since 30 June 2007, wherever a shareholder of a company acquires or sells shares with voting rights and as a result of such acquisition or sale the percentage of the voting rights he holds reaches, exceeds or is less than the limits of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 1/3, 50% and 2/3, such shareholder shall be obliged to inform accordingly the issuer and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission by filling out a disclosure form.

As regards transactions held in the Equities Market of Athens Stock Exchange or any other regulated market, the date on which the transaction concerned takes place shall be considered as shares acquisition or selling date. In case the shareholder buys or sells shares during the same meeting, the percentage held by the shareholder at the closing of the meeting of such regulated market shall be taken as percentage of shares and voting rights. As regards transactions held beyond regulated markets, the date on which the relevant agreement is elaborated shall be taken as the voting rights acquisition or selling date.

Shareholders are also obliged to provide information wherever a corporate event changes the allocation of voting rights, regardless of whether securities are acquired or sold (§ 3, article 9).

In addition, all shareholders holding more than ten per cent (10%) of voting rights should provide information if such shareholding changes by at least or more than three per cent (3%) of all voting rights due to acquisition or sale of shares with voting rights or due to corporate events changing the allocation of voting rights.

This 3% change in relation to voting rights may result from one or more operations cumulatively. For this change to be calculated, the previous mandatory disclosure made by the notifying party in compliance with the Law is taken as base. Therefore, each mandatory disclosure is the base for a new 3% change.

Instructions on filling out and submitting the disclosure form

When filling out the disclosure form, the persons entitled to acquire, sell or exercise voting rights in any of the cases under Article 10 of the Law should specify the category under which they fall. In addition, all notifying parties under all cases of Article 10 should be set forth and it should be cited whether the shareholder(s) is(are) other than the notifying party(parties). Such disclosure will not set forth any shareholder holding less than five per cent (5%) of all voting rights.

The persons being obliged to provide information pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 4 of Articles 9, 10 or 11 of the Law should disclose any important, as per the foregoing, changes in their participation in the issuer's voting rights to both the issuer and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission as soon as possible and no later than three (3) trading days from the date on which the relevant obligation of information was generated.

Information is provided to the issuer through submission of the disclosure form, legally signed, to the same. The disclosure form is uploaded to the website of the Capital Market Commission which is the competent authority to supervise information obligations. Such disclosure form must be submitted to the issuer during working days and hours, namely from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., at the Shareholders Service Department at the company’s offices (39, P. Ralli Av., Tavros, GR-17778, Athens). Ms. Ioanna Orkoula is responsible for receiving disclosure forms, tel. 210-3498221 and fax 210-3460277.

The notifying party is obligated to fill out properly the disclosure form and is responsible for any errors and omissions.

The disclosure form is submitted, after being legally signed, to the central register office of the Capital Market Commission, at 1, Kolokotroni St. & Stadiou St., GR-10562 Athens and is addressed to the Public Offering and Listed Companies Supervision Division of the Capital Market Commission, at the Department of Listed Companies Conduct Supervision and Monitoring, indicated as “disclosure of important changes in voting rights pursuant to Law 3556/2007”. Submission can also be faxed to (210) 3377243. In this case, the form should be accompanied by a transmission sheet citing the particulars of the sender, his signature, contact phone number and the number of sent pages. Finally, the notifying party should ensure safe dispatch of documents and receipt thereof from the competent register office.

The disclosure bearing the signature of the notifying party himself or other legally authorized person shall be considered as being legally signed. In case the notifying party is a legal entity, the statement shall be signed by its legal representative. In all events, the relevant identification documents shall be submitted together with the disclosure form to the Capital Market Commission and shall be in force until they are revoked.

An annex shall be attached to the disclosure form after being filled out by the notifying parties with their personal particulars and shall be submitted solely to the Capital Market Commission. When filling out such annex, it is recommended to cite the father’s name of the notifying party in addition to the points cited therein.

Notification form TR-1