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An industrial company that manufactures polyurethane steel sandwich panels. The company was founded in 2000, and started operations in 2003.

SIDMA 's (ex PANELCO) production plant in the Industrial zone of Lamia (about 200 Km north of Athens) occupies a covered area of about 11,000 sq.m. in a 40,000 sq.m lot. The company operates with ultra-modern, high-technology equipment including the largest continuous polyurethane line in Greece, for the production of thermo-insulating steel panels.

SIDMA's thermo-insulating polyurethane steel sandwich panels are designed to satisfy, in buildings with a metal frame, the needs of thermal insulation and water vapour condensation.

Combining modern equipment, which conforms to the latest safety standards, the use of environmentally-friendly raw materials with SIDMA's experience, reliability and prestige, the company aims to address market needs in:

  • Offering modern products of the highest standards
  • Presenting integrated architectural solutions 
  • Providing flexible customer service 
  • Delivering on time 
  • Producing environmentally-friendly products