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Corporate Governance is the system which regulates relations between the Board of Directors, management, staff, shareholders and all other stakeholders. Its goal is to maximize company value by effectively managing the company's resources, through transparent procedures and practices.

SIDMA's principles of Corporate Governance can be summarized as follows:

The company has a modern organizational structure, which addresses its operational and internal communication needs. This allows quick decision-making, effective control and efficient use of resources, human or other. The tasks and responsibilities of each organizational position are clearly defined. Management is administered through written policies and procedures.

In addition, the company applies since 2000 the Quality and Environmental management system according to ISO 9002 standards.

The Internal Control department reports to the Board of Directors and will be monitored by the Board's Controlling Committee. This department's main responsibility is to ensure that the company's internal regulations and procedures are followed, to conduct regular audits and controls as specified by the company's annual audit schedule, and to report its findings to the Board of Directors.

The Investor Relations department's main responsibility is to ensure that all interested parties will simultaneously receive in a timely and accurate fashion, all information regarding the company. All shareholders are able to communicate directly with this department.