A. Black hard wire in coils.
B. Black soft wire in coils.
1) Black soft wire Φ 1,20 mm.
2) Black soft wire in other diameters.
3) Black soft wire for agricultural purposes.
Α. Wire rod SAE 1008 & SAE 1010 (acc. to ASTM A510M).
Β. Nο 7: Wire rod SAE 1006 (acc. to ASTM A510M). Other diameters and agricultural: Wire rod SAE 1008 & SAE 1010 (acc. to ASTM A510M).
Α. Φ1,80 through Φ 5,00 mm.
Β. No 7: Φ1,20 mm. Other diameters: Φ 1,80 through Φ 5,00 mm. Agricultural: Φ 1,80 - Φ 1,85 mm.
Acc. to DIN 177.
Α. 1) Coil weight 500 kg. 2) Coil weight 1.000 kg.
Β. Nο 7: Coil weight 5 to 20 kg abt. Other diameters: Coil weight 450 kg abt. Agricultural: Coil weight 350 kg abt.

Materials in other lengths and dimensions, or according to other internationally recognized standards can be supplied upon agreement.


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